Get All These Awesome Guitar Effects Now on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Play your guitar through your iPhone or iPod touch

Reap DFX gives you a guitar amp right on your iPhone. Get these effects and more—


All this in one, easy to use app:

  • Connect your guitar — using a regular AV splitter cable. You can find these in most electronics stores. If you already have a digital camera or videocam, you probably already have one
  • Play — through your headphones or guitar amp
  • Programs — store your favorite effect settings in patch programs and switch between them instantly
  • Great Quality Sound — with incredibly low latency
  • Pre EQ — whether you're looking for smooth overdrive or icy crunch, this pre-distortion EQ will help you get the texture you're looking for
  • Distortion — anything from a little bite through a mighty scream, the power you need is here
  • Post EQ — 3 band graphic equalizer, to get everything sounding just right
  • Echo — with up to 2 seconds of delay
  • Chorus — lush, natural, blended sounds with variable rate and depth controls
  • Reverb — with variable duration, to give you anything from a little extra depth to that big arena sound
  • Volume — go from 0 to 11 at the touch of a button


Take a look inside and see what you get—

  • Program screen

    Switch between all your programs at the touch of a button.

  • Effects screen

    Create your own sound using a combination of up to 7 effects.

  • Distortion effect screen

    Control your distortion settings here.

  • Post EQ effect screen

    Apply your post-distortion EQ here.

  • Chorus effect screen

    Chorus settings are here.

  • Reverb effect screen

    Reverb settings are here.

Get all these effects in one app NOW!


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